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Willow Estate Sales was established in 2007 by Dawn Lazar, an experienced buyer and seller of antiques and collectibles. She began doing estate sales with not only a passion for the uniqueness of collectibles, put also a true desire to help others achieve their buying and selling needs. She is a trustworthy individual and will strive to do whatever it takes to make your selling experience an enjoyable one. 



1. Free In-Home Estimate


Our service begins with a free in-home estimate visit to evaluate you or your family's unique situation. This evaluation helps us determine an estimate for how long it will take us to prepare the sale. Before we make our visit, we ask that you remove all personal items that you wish to keep, so that our estimate can be as accurate as possible.


2. Preparing the Sale


Once you have chosen our team to work for you, we will begin appraising your items. Once we have tagged each item, we will set up our equipment to neatly display everything, . This process usually takes around two weeks, but can sometimes take up to four or more. Once we can accurately decide on the date of the sale, we will begin advertisement. We advertise in local newspapers (New York and Boston areas too, if necessary) and on our website to ensure that the information reaches an abundance of people.


3. The Day of the Sale


Since this part of the sale can be the most stressful, we handle all of the selling for our clients. We are a full-service company, therefore it is not necessary for you to be present on the sale day(s), unless you wish to. On these days, we handle all sales transactions, post members of our staff to security, and assist customers with their purchases. Our goal is to ensure that the sale reaches its maximum potential for you.


4. After the Sale


Once the sale is complete, we clean up all sale areas. We like to leave the home as clean as possible for you and we treat it as if it were our own. We offer several options for handling items that do not sell. If you choose to not keep them, we can pack them up and donate them to a local charity or a charity of your choice. We can also write up an ad to sell the remaining items for one lump sum to an interested buyer. The choice is always left up to you. 


5. Our Policy


It is our policy not to allow early-bird sales. We want everyone to have a fair opportunity at finding a treasure. It is also important to us that all sales be final and items are sold as is. This ensures that you have no worries about items being returned during or after the sale. 


6. Expense


The only cost that our clients incur is that of simply paying us a percentage of the sales total. There are no hidden costs with us. We pay for our own equipment and for advertising of the sale. This is clarified in advance in a written contract. 





Dawn Lazar, Proprietor 


P.O. Box 1343 

Salem, OH 44460

Tel: 330.531.2036



Q: How is theft prevented during sales?

A: We are made up of a staff that is big enough to ensure that each area of a sale is adequately patrolled.


Q: Are checks accepted as payment during sales?

A: Checks are not accepted; only cash and credit cards.


Q: What percentage does Willow Estate Sales charge?

A: Normally 30% is the rate. However, depending upon the situation, this figure may fluxuate. 

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